The story of Jackie Robinson, a story that became a movie

Jackie Robinson 42 The true story of an American Legend

Those who love Baseball and hate racial discrimination would surely love to know about Jackie Robinson. Jack Roosevelt Robinson, lovingly called Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play MLB (Major League Baseball) in the modern era.

Robinson managed to break the color line in the world of baseball by signing for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. It was the first time any baseball team signed a black man in six decades. This step by the Dodgers brought an end to the era of racial discrimination that allowed fans and followers of the game to witness the black players only in the Negro Leagues.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson’s character was exemplary; he was known for using nonviolence and possessed immense talent as a baseball player. With all these qualities, he succeeded in challenging the tradition of racial segregation in the baseball fraternity of the United States. Robinson’s actions had a strong impact on the American society; he even played a significant role in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Robinson’s story is exciting and highly inspirational; it had all the elements to make a great sporting biography. So, it was quite obvious that someone will surely make a movie out of the story at some point of time. A movie on the life of the legendary baseball player was finally made in 2013. The biographical sporting film was named “42” after the jersey number Robinson wore all through his MLB career.

Brian Helgeland, the American film producer, director and screen writer, wrote and directed 42. The role of Robinson in the movie is played by Chadwick Boseman; Harrison Ford played Branch Rickey, the team executive under whose guidance, Robinson signed for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The plot of the film primarily revolves around the 1947 baseball season of the Dodgers. It also shows the events taking place in the 1946 season when Robinson was playing for the Montreal Royals. These two phases perfectly showcases Robinson’s fight against racism.

42 is a critically acclaimed film and also had a reasonable opening at the box office. In the opening weekend, the film earned as many as $27.3 million; this is the best opening any baseball-based movie has had in the history of Hollywood.

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