I RUN IRAN – The first International Marathon in Iran, ancient Persia – April 9, 2016

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Nicolas Meletiou, Managing Director of ESO, esosport e Medal in Frame runs in the first edition of the Iranian Marathon

What a lot of things are involved in a Marathon: landscapes, cities, people, itineraries, sweat and exertion … as many situations and stories as there are participants in the event.

The first edition of the I run Iran on Saturday, 9 April 2016, organized by Iran Silk Road, is undoubtedly more than that. In addition to the sporting event, the first of its kind in Iran, there is the fascination of lands rich in history and the birthplace of the Marathon, today a sporting event of peace and friendship uniting peoples.

And Nicolas Meletiou, a passionate Marathoner of Greek origin was unable to resist the fascination of running in Iran. The son of Theodore Meletiou, Honorary Consul of Greece in Milan in 1964, Nicolas is very proud of his Greek origins even if he left Greece when he was only 4 y.o. and lives now in Italy; numerous memories keep him tied to the places where his family came from, so rich in history and tradition.

Because of his passion for sport, and running in particular, Nicolas Meletiou has had the fortune over the last few years to run in many Marathons all over the world. He has always run as a Greek, proudly showing the white and blue flag on his jersey. And he will also do this on 9 April during the “I run Iran”: the Marathon starts near the city of Shiraz and finishes at Persepolis, the legendary capital of the Persian Empire.

The Gate of all Nations in Persepolis will be the coveted finishing line, to be reached by 145 runners coming from as many as 36 countries. The podium where winners will be prized will be nothing less than the Palace of Darius the Great.

The great King of Kings sent two generals in the military expedition to conquer Athens 2500 years’ ago. It was in the city of Marathon where, in 490 A.D., the famous Battle was fought, also known for the legend whereby the messenger Pheidippides ran nonstop from Marathon to Athens to announce victory and, once he got there, collapsed and died.

The Greeks succeeded in repelling the Persian assault and, from then to the present day, history has transformed the Marathon into a sporting event, the International symbol of peace and friendship. It will cover 42,195 km in legendary territories for the peace and friendship between nations.

To run this Marathon will undoubtedly be an exacting experience for Nicolas Meletiou from the physical point of view, but he will do it with pride and passion in recollection of his neverforgotten origins and thanks to the emotions and breath-taking scenery that this event will offer to all those taking part.



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