Gianmarco Tamberi sets the new Italian record high jump


The 23 year-old Gianmarco Tamberi set a new Italian record in the high jump, 2.37 meters, increasing to three centimeters absolute primacy which held since last July with Marco Fassinotti.

Tamberi, at the meeting of German Eberstadt, passed 2.35 meters in the third round and then immediately 2.37. He then approached the bar at 2.39, without success.

For several years the high jump is experiencing a good moment and the world record of Javier Sotomayor (2.45) seems to be passed soon by Barshim and Bondarenko.

The positive period seems to have also involved the Italian athletes. The Italian athletics currently boasts three athletes above the 2.30: Tamberi 2.37; Fassinotti Chesani 2.34 and 2.31.

Italian men’s outdoor record

Measure Athlete Place Date
1. 2,37 m  Gianmarco Tamberi  Eberstadt 02/08/2015
2. 2,33 m  Marcello Benvenuti  Verona 12/09/1989
2. 2,33 m  Marco Fassinotti  Oslo 11/06/2015
4. 2,32 m  Luca Toso  Turin 21/07/1988
5. 2,31 m  Andrea Bettinelli  Rieti 03/08/2003
5. 2,31 m  Giulio Ciotti  Viersen 02/07/2006
5. 2,31 m  Silvano Chesani  Modena 01/06/2013
8. 2,30 m  Massimo Di Giorgio  Udine 13/06/1981
8. 2,30 m  Roberto Ferrari  Rome 26/06/1993
8. 2,30 m  Alessandro Talotti Florence 21/06/2003




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